Disclaimer: Steel Targets NZ take no liability for any injury caused during the use of our products. There is always some associated risk whenever using firearms and while our products are very safe there is never a 100% guarantee, use at your own risk. Personal protective equipment is recommended at all times when on the range and always obey NZ law (Firearms Act) and your range standing orders.

 Guidelines for use: We recommend for pistol up to .45 calibre that you are no closer than 10 meters when firing at our targets, and if using magnum pistol calibers 25 meters. Centrefire rifle minimum distance (unless using frangible ammo) is 100m, and magnum rifle calibers up to .338 Lapua 200m. We test our targets at much closer distances than this in controlled conditions, however to maintain the integrity of your targets and for your personal safety these are the distances we recommend. Please allow hanging targets to move, this allows the kinetic energy to be dissipated. If you secure your targets to shoot please angle them forward so the splash is directed downwards.

Wear and tear: Projectiles travelling over 2900 fps will degrade your target faster, if your ammunition reaches these velocities we recommend putting more distance between you and your target.If your target has deep pitting the likelihood of ricochets is increased If you follow our shooting distance guidelines pitting should not be an issue, and your target will take thousands of rounds.

Rust: A normal part of the manufacturing process will cause light surface rust on our targets, we have decided against getting them painted as this is a cost we don’t want to pass on to our customers. This surface rust doesn’t affect the integrity of our targets or how they perform. Simply spraying them with spray paint will make them more visible at a distance and make it much easier to see your point of impact.

Returns Policy: This will be dealt with on a case by case basis, please contact us with your concerns.

Custom orders: Please contact us with your requirements. we have already done a number of these for clubs around the country and we while we can’t guarantee your design is feasible we will endeavour to create something to suit your needs.  Email us on Steeltargetsnz@gmail.com and we will be happy to assist you.